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Presented by Dr. Richard Brown Jr. M.D.

At Building Blocks, we promote foster care in our community through recruitment of foster parents.  We support our foster parents, in part, through appropriate and accessible trainings, and activities for foster families.

Presented by Tonya Bauman

You must submit to your Licensing Specialist verification of completed training.  You may do this by:

  1. Providing a copy of your training certificate

  2. Providing a copy of the training sign in sheet

  3. Forwarding the training completion email

  4. Completing a Learning Summary

Foster Source - many training topics at a low cost

Foster Care & Adoptive Community - many training topics at a low cost.

Foster Parent - many topics at a low cost.

Foster Club - online training - unlimited access for $25/year

Foster2Forever - many topics, most are free.

For additional information on upcoming training opportunities or questions contact Building Blocks Training Specialist at

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