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Building Blocks for Community Enrichment is a non-profit agency-based foster care program offering services to youth age 0-19 that have been made state wards in Nebraska.  Building Blocks does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, racial/ethnic origin or other special needs.  We are committed to providing quality services to all children placed in our agency by:

  • ​Recruitment of foster parents.

    • Building Blocks will recruit foster parents who have a genuine interest in caring for children, have high ethical standards, are dedicated to partnering with the family of origin and other team members, and are willing to accept coaching/feedback.

  • Licensing Foster homes

  • Training and support to foster parents.

    • This includes 30 hours of pre-service training and family support services.

    • All foster parents need 24 hours of ongoing training every 2 years in order to renew their license. (12 hours in each year).

  • Supporting Relative and Kinship Foster Homes​

  • Specialized training to address the needs of a specific youth.

  • Individual Treatment Planning.

  • Adult Living and Life Skills training

  • Respite activities for foster families

  • Respite Care

  • Pre-Adoption services/support for foster children in our program needing permanency

  • Building Blocks website offers resources to foster parents and links to other related websites

  • Foster parent support group meetings

  • Foster Care Closet full of clothes to assist foster parents in providing clothes to their foster youth. 

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