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Megan Dinkelman
Foster Care Specialist

Megan joined the Building Blocks team in October 2021. She grew up in a very small town  between Seward and York.  She attended Doane University for a year before transferring to University of Nebraska Lincoln.  She achieved her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and Human Services with a minor in Communications.

Megan is engaged to a wonderful man named Thomas and they share a mini Aussie named Roki and a cat named Karen. Megan brings 3 years experience working with families in Nebraska as a Visitation and Family Support Worker and she has received glowing recommendations from foster families, caseworkers, families of origin and was selected Employee of the Month from her previous employer.

Megan was drawn to this line of work because she had a difficult childhood and believes that she would have had a much different outcome had it not been for her support system.  She is excited to be able to be that support to others now.

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