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Hope DeWitt
Foster Care Specialist

Hope grew up in Minnesota and lived there until she moved to North Dakota in 2019 (to chase after a boy). Luckily, that worked out and she married her sweet husband (Zac) in 2020. Their wedding was not at all how they imagined due to COVID, but was perfect in it's own way. They then moved to Hastings, Nebraska to be closer to Zac's family and hopefully experience more mild winters.

Hope graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a BA in Psychology and a concentration in mental health. Eventually she would like to get her Master’s Degree in Counseling.

She knew she wanted to end up in this field of work when she was 17, after spending 3 years working at Royal Family Kids Camp (a summer camp for children from hard places). "I truly thought I was going there to change the lives of kids who had been through the worst, and I left knowing without a doubt that they changed mine." Since then, I have known that I want to work with kids who have had a rough start and do whatever I can to set them up for success, and show them some kindness in a world where they have seen very little.

In her free time she enjoys being outside (still upset that NE doesn’t have as many lakes as MN), listening to true crime podcasts/watching true crime documentaries with her husband, and taking care of her plants. Her 35+ houseplants are the closest things they have to children, and she can’t wait to have the space for gardening.


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