Laura Vogel, RD

Norfolk Office


Jaime Krings, RD

Fremont/Elkhorn area


  • Training Specialist:  The  training specialist helps you get through training and gets you started into the process of becoming a foster parent.

  • Resource and Licensing Specialist (RD):  The RD is responsible for walking you through the licensing process.  They will also help with your continuing education hours.

  • Foster Care Specialist (FCS): The FCS helps you when you have a youth placed in your home.  They will be there with you every step of the way to help and support you.

  • Probation Specialist: The probation specialist is a FCS worker that deal primarily with youth that are part of probation.

  • Placement Specialist:  The placement specialist is the person that will help find a foster home for a youth in need.  This person will get information on a youth and call you to see if you would be willing to take placement.

  • Recruitment Specialist:  The recruiting specialist focuses on ways to seek out new foster homes in our area and the various ways to make that happen.

  • Project Coordinator:  The project coordinator focuses on the events and activities Building Blocks hosts or sponsors throughout the year.  The project coordinator also works on fundraising throughout the year to better the Building Blocks program.

  • On Call:  The on call person is available 24/7 including holidays and weekends.  They are available if there is an emergency after hours.  The on call person may also call you if there is a need for placement after hours.  The  on call worker rotates each week between Foster Care Specialists.

  • Chief Financial Officer:  The financial officer issues your pay checks and is available for answering any financial or mileage questions.

The Process of becoming a foster home can have a lot of faces or names to remember.  Building Blocks would like to help put a face with a name and title to help make your interactions less confusing.  Here is a list of our staff, the area they cover, and the role they will play in your fostering process.

Building Blocks Staff

Bob Thomas, RD Supervisor

O'Neill Office


Rachael Kallhoff, Program Director

O'Neill Office

402- 336-4841

Jackie Meyer, Executive Director

O'Neill Office


On Call: 402-394-5736                   


Randi Seitz, FCS Supervisor

Fremont Area


Traci Ober, Chief Financial Officer

Norfolk Office


Ali Sell, FCS

Columbus area


Mayra Polanco, Bilingual FCS
Columbus Area

Danielle Borer , FCS
Fremont Area

Cody Van Winkle, Recruitment & Placement

Grand Island Area


Josie Lindell, FCS

Grand Island Office


Tonya Bauman, Recruitment & Training Specialist

South Sioux City Office


Lauren Elsasser, FCS
Norfolk Office

Jordan Hanner, RD & FCS

South Sioux City Office


Teresa Beiermann, FCS

Norfolk/Wayne area


Beth Geer, RD & FCS

Grand Island Area


Haley Koopman, FCS

Norfolk Office