If you would like to support the Building Blocks program in the form of a donation, you can mail

your gift to:

Building Blocks For

Community Enrichment 

118 N. 5th St.

O'Neill, NE 68763


Call our Toll Free line to make a gift by phone 1-800-689-0945. 

We also accept clothing donations for our Foster Care Closet.  We ask the items be for ages 0 -12, washed, minimal wear & tear, and donated in a disposable container.  We take clothing donations at any of our 3 office locations. 



Building Blocks For Community Enrichment

Your Donations and Funds raised will go toward:

  • Foster Parent Recruitment.  Sometimes foster children move and are split from their siblings due to the shortage of foster homes.  By recruiting more quality foster homes, foster children will have a better chance of permanence if the cannot return home.

  • Activities and programs for foster parents and children.  Building Blocks conducts monthly activities for foster families to help them be more involved in the community.  Foster Parents and children benefit by meeting new people and forming a support group of people just like them.

  • Respite services. Like any other family, foster families sometimes need a break from their children.  They don't always have access to a skilled daycare provider or grandparent to provide the care.  Building Blocks provides training respite care providers to care for these children.