The following statistics are from the department of Health and Human Services' CAN 2013 Annual Data Report. 

In 2013 there were 4,657 substantiated victims of abuse in the State of Nebraska. 

7.9% in Central Service area

11% in Northern Service area


Ages 5 & under: 2235 

Ages 6 - 12: 1702 

Ages 13-19: 720


51.8% female 

48.2% male


57.4% White 

17.0% Black or African American 

14.2% Hispanic 

5.3% American Indian


total number of state wards was 4056. 

3144 in Out-of-Home placements.

Q. How Many hours of training do we need? 

A. 30 hours of pre-service training is required prior to being licensed as a foster care provider. 

Q. Is there a charge for attending the training? 

A. No!  The training is provided at no charge to interested persons. 

Q. Do Both parents in a 2 parent family need to attend training? 

A. Yes. Both parents will be working together with the children so this is mandatory. 

Q. Can I be a stay at home parent and still have foster children? 

A. Yes, but you have to have a reliable, steady income enough to support your family. 

Q. Are we responsible for the child's medical expense? 

A. All children that are referred to us have health care provided through medicaid. 

Q. How many children can be placed in my home? 

A.  We only license homes for maximum 3 foster children depending on living space of the home

Q. What if we cannot transport the child to an appointment? 

A. If you are in need of transportation assistance for a child's appointment, we can arrange that. 

Q.  Who will watch our foster child while we work? 

A.  We will arrange for respite care or daycare as needed.

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