Building Blocks Provides Foster Parents:

- 30 hours of pre-service training for foster parents and respite care families. 

- Ongoing training and supervision. 

- 24/7 On Call assistance 

- Monthly activities for foster families & children 

- Monthly financial reimbursement

Successful Applicants Must:

1.  Be at least 21 years of age.

2.  Have a vehicle and valid driver's license. 

3.  Have a licensable home. 

4.  Be willing to receive 30 hours of pre-service training. 

5.  Be accepting of diverse ethnic and family cultures 

6.  Have high moral character. 

7.  Have Strong community ties.
8.  Want to help children. 

9.  Be willing to work with Building Blocks staff toward the foster child's reunification with his/her biological family. 

In addition, successful applicants must be willing to perform all necessary duties associated with the program including participation in ongoing training sessions, providing basic care and supervision for the foster child   working as in integral part of the treatment team, working with the community, working with the child's natural parents, and notifying program staff of any emergencies.  Each is a central component of the Building Blocks program.  Specific details will be identified at the time of training.

Building Blocks for Community Enrichment, Inc. believes that quality placements play a major role in the success of the child.  That's why we consider the needs and personality of each child when matching him or her with our carefully selected foster parents.  Everyone involved will be oriented to the situation so no one is left in the dark. 

As a foster parent, you will be responsible for the daily needs of the child.  These include food, clothing, transportation, recreation, and education.  We adopt the philosophy that is takes a whole community to raise a well rounded child, so we encourage foster families to participate in community clubs and activities.  In addition, we expect our foster families to model appropriate skills to children and natural parents by the ways in which they interact with the children in their care.

Become a Foster Parent

To learn more about becoming a Foster Parent contact Building Blocks for Community Enrichment at 1.402-336-4841

Benefits to Becoming a

Foster Parent:

Foster Parenting can benefit you emotionally, mentally, and financially.  More importantly, you could make a significant difference in a child's life.  At Building Blocks for Community Enrichment, we have the resources to teach foster parents the skills they need and offer them the support they want to assist in the parenting of foster children. 
If you don't think you can be a foster parent, think again.  You don't have to be married or be a stay at home parent.  However, you do have to be patient, loving, and willing to learn proven parenting techniques that will help you teach your foster children to succeed in his/her world.