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Anna Ramirez

Bilingual Foster Care Specialist

Anna joined the Building Blocks team in September of 2020. Her favorite part of the work is getting to help families and children through difficult times and watch them as they grow from their experiences.  Anna can relate to the children in our care, as her family had many moves while she was growing up, so she understands how difficult it is to establish yourself in a new school and community.  She states, “It has made me learn to adapt to change easily.”  She hopes to be able to share this experience with the youth on her caseload.


In High School, Anna obtained her CNA and Med Aide certifications and worked in a long-term care setting until she graduated from College.   Anna started at Northeast Community College and was a Student Ambassador during her time there.  She then transferred to Bellevue University and earned her bachelor’s degree in behavioral science.  Anna has also spent time working with the Early Development Network in Columbus, NE.  She is a Certified Medical Interpreter and has provided interpretation and translation services for the EDN, Vocational Rehab and now Building Blocks.


Anna and her son live near the Columbus area.  He is a very active boy who keeps her on her toes most of the time.  They are involved in track, soccer, and baseball.  In Anna’s spare time she goes to the gym, listens to music, and plans trips as she loves traveling.

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